Cobweb is a single player card game that uses one standard deck of 52-cards set.
The layout includes four foundation piles (at the top left), and you must build them down in suit. To win the game, create four suites of 13 cards each of the same suit, starting from King to Ace.

You have also 7 tableau stacks (below the foundations). Build the tableaus down regardless of suit, but it is recommended that you try building them in suit if possible.
You may move any face up card in a tableau pile to another pile as long as all cards above it are built in sequence and in suit.

The Cobweb solitaire is a game where you cannot place any card onto an Ace.
You may fill an empty space by any playing card.
At the left of the stock there is a reserve pile, and you can place here any card or legal group of cards.
The Cobweb solitaire rule is that you may move to the foundations or the tableaus only the topmost card from the reserve.

No redeals in the game.
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