American Toad One Suit Solitaire

American Toad One Suit is a kind of solitaire with two deck of cards.
The first dealt card will be an initial card in the foundation (at the top of the layout), and for the game it will vary.
The rule is that you build up the foundations in suit from the base card to the rank just below the base card, and ranking of the cards is continuous.
Whenever it is necessary, you may build an Ace after a King.
To win this single player game, you have to move all the cards to the eight foundation piles.

At the center of the layout you have eight tableau stacks of one card each, all face up.
The American Toad One Suit solitaire requires that you build the tableaus down in suit. Ranking of the playing cards is continuous, and whenever necessary, you may build a King after an Ace.
The topmost card of each pile can be moved to the foundations or to the tableau.
You can move groups of cards as a unit on condition that they are in sequence down in suit.

After the reserve pile is exhausted, fill the empty spaces using cards from the waste (but not from the tableau).
The Reserve is at the top left of layout, below foundations, and you may place the top card onto the foundation piles or the tableau.

The Stock pile is at the top right of the layout, below the foundations. You can turn up only one card at a time (playing one card face up to the waste by tapping).
There is one redeal in this kind of solitaire game.
You can play the topmost card from the Waste (at the left of the stock pile) to the foundation or to the tableau.

American Toad One Suit is a part of 700 Solitaire Games, and you can download it and play for free here.