Baker’s game solitaire

Baker’s game is a kind of solitaire played with one standard deck of cards. It is a difficult and challenging game that is akin to FreeCell.
The goal is to move all the 52 cards to the four foundation piles.
You build up the foundations at the top right of the layout by cards of same suit starting from Ace to King.

At the start of the game you dealt out the entire deck left to right into eight stacks, four of which contain seven cards and four of which contain six. They will form the Tableau (below the foundations).
You must build the tableaus down in suit. The rule is that the topmost card can be placed on the foundations, cells, or another tableau pile.

Move an ordered set of cards on condition that they are in sequence down in suit and there are enough free cells that the cards could be moved individually.
The Baker’s Game solitaire requires that you fill the empty spaces by a King or a pile whose bottommost card is a King.

The layout includes four cells (at the top left of the layout. Each cell holds only one card, and you can move the cards from them to the foundations and the tableaus.

Baker’s game solitaire is a part of the app 700 Solitaire Games Pro. You can download it and play for free here.
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