Balcony solitaire

Balcony solitaire is a single player game with one standard deck of cards (52 cards).
This kind of solitaire is similar to Canfield. The main differences are that you build the foundations in alternate colors and only move cards from the Reserve to the foundation piles.

To win, build up four foundations at the top left of the layout from the rank of first card dealt to the first pile. You may wrap from King to Ace as necessary.

You have seven tableau piles with one initial card dealt out to each pile (all the cards are face-up). The rule is that you build the tableaus down by alternate color, and you may move only the topmost card of each pile.
In this game empty spaces are filled automatically from the Stock, or from the Waste if the Stock is empty.

The layout includes the Reserve (left side of layout), and you may place the topmost card on the foundations only.

Deal only one card at a time from The Stock (the top right of the layout) to the Waste.
No redeals in the game.

Only the topmost card of the Waste (at the left of the stock) can be played.

Balcony solitaire is a part of the app 700 Solitaire Games Pro. You can download it and play for free here.
Enjoy! 🙂