Base Pyramid solitaire

Base Pyramid solitaire is a single player game with one standard deck of 52 cards.
At the start of the game you have a pyramid of cards that contains 35 cards in 8 overlapping rows. 7 reserve piles are dealt below the pyramid.

You have a foundation pile (at the top left of the layout) where matched up cards will end up and you have to complete this pile to win the Base Pyramid solitaire.

The layout of the game also includes a Tableau (The Pyramid).
The aim of the game is to discard any two cards that total thirteen. Jacks are worth 11 and Queens 12. The rule is that you can discard Kings singly.

You turn up cards from the stock (at the top right of the layout) one at a time, and pair off the topmost cards with any other exposed card, except the foundation. The topmost cards from the Waste can be paired off with any other exposed card, except the foundation pile.

There are two redeals in this single player card game.

Base Pyramid solitaire is a part of the app 700 Solitaire Games. You can download it and play for free here.
Enjoy! 🙂