Bastille solitaire (also called Peg solitaire and Solo Noble) is a card game played with one standard deck of 52 cards. It is believed that this single player game was invented by a prisoner in the Bastille.

You have only one the foundation pile at the top left of the layout. The rule is that you place all the discarded cards on it, and you have to complete this pile to win the game.

The layout also includes Tableau (Below the foundation), and you discard any two cards that total fourteen.
Jacks are worth 11, Queens 12 and Kings are valued 13. Pair and discard only the topmost playing cards.

Each pile from the Reserve (Top of layout, on the center) contains only one card, and you can pair this card with cards in the tableau.

Bastille solitaire is a part of the app 700 Solitaire Games Pro. You can download it and play for free here.

Enjoy this simple card game for pure relaxation! 🙂