Black Hole solitaire is a single player card game that uses one standard deck of 52 cards. It is a version of solitaire similar to Golf and Triple Peaks, but its tableau reminds of La Belle Lucie.
You have a single foundation at the center of the layout. The Black Hole solitaire rule is that you may build up or down regardless of suit, with Ace and King considered consecutive.
To win, you have to place all the cards onto a foundation pile.
At the start the gamer deals out all the cards to the tableau in piles (3 cards each, all face up). Then the Ace of Spades is moved to the foundation (called ‘the Black Hole’). In some variants of the game, any remaining card, dealt first or last, can be placed onto ‘the Black Hole’.
You cannot move any cards within the Tableau, and you may move only the topmost card of the tableau columns (Circle of layout) to a foundation pile.

If you like this solitaire game, you can download it and play for free here: 700 Solitaire Games

Enjoy! 🙂